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Great Leaders

with Amy Williams

Meet Amy


Former Principal - Urban - K/8

In her time as the principal at William Dick, Amy ensured the school was a place for students to feel supported and loved. She prioritized rigorous instruction, empathetic teachers, and community involvement. Suited up in her bullet-proof dress, as the self proclaimed Queen of Diamond Street, Amy was never afraid to knock on doors and enter the neighborhood to make sure that her children were safe.


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Professional Development

"Amy Williams has a legacy as our fearless leader and will excel in any position.  She is an icon for strength, wisdom, and grit."

- Lisanne Brown,

Reading Specialist 

"Amy Williams is a rare leader, who is effective, impactful and dynamic. She is everything I aspire to be as I work toward my principal certification."

-Christopher Nickerson, 

Aspiring School Leader

“Amy is a Philadelphia institution. Her work in Strawberry Mansion has worked to transform the neighborhood.”

- Dr. Amelia Coleman,

Associate Superintendent PG County

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